Why Use Our Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™?


  • Facilitate sleeping, reduces fussiness, encourages self-soothing

When babies are born, their just-developing, immature nervous system makes it more difficult for newborns to soothe, settle, and sleep. In fact, the first 3-4 months after your baby is born is called the Fourth Trimester because your newborn needs so much of your help to sleep. Research has shown that swaddling your baby in the first 3-4 months will help your baby to sleep better at night and during the day and that fussy, colicky, and high needs babies cry and fuss less when they are swaddled for sleeping.

  • Closed-in wing-pocket prevents hands from wiggling out and causing “startle reflex” or waking up baby

Babies consistently wiggle out of traditional, first-generation swaddling blankets and garments. Working as a pediatric sleep consultant, I called it “Houdini Hands.” Every parent understands that “Houdini Hands” is when their baby has escaped from their swaddle, or worse, the blanket comes up over babies face as baby is sleeping. The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ is a second-generation infant sleep garment that is designed with a special closed-in wing-pocket. Babies hands/fingers stay safely tucked in the wing, preventing startle reflex from waking baby and no more “Houdini Hands!”

  • Helps babies with self-soothing by placement of hands/fingers in fetal tuck position and at midline position: “Hands to Heart

First-generation swaddle garments encouraged swaddling of hands down. Parents are now recognizing that their babies want their hands-up and infant development specialists observe that fussy babies soothe better when their hands are placed near their heart, “fetal tuck” position. The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ helps babies to soothe and settle using their hands and fingers in the natural “hands up” and “hands to heart” position just like babies do in the womb.

  • Open-sleep-bag-system keeps hips flexed

Your baby’s hip joints need to be kept in an open and flexed position. Many traditional, first-generation swaddles force babies hands at hips preventing natural flexion at the hip joint. Or, the swaddles or sleep bags are too tight when used properly that they require tight binding at hips preventing hips from moving freely. The Hands to heart Sleep Swaddle™ is a second-generation sleep garment with an open sleep bag system encouraging hands to be swaddled away from hips keeping hips moveable and open.

  • Promotes Back Sleeping / Reduces the risk of SIDS

The American Academy of Pediatrics 2005 Safe Infant Sleep Guidelines recommend that parents put babies to sleep on their backs. As a result of education and awareness, the Back-to-Sleep Campaign has been successful in reducing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) deaths by 50%. The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ encourages parents to put baby to sleep on back and has been shown to help reduce startle reflex, decreasing the likelihood that sleep-deprived parents will put their baby on tummy for sleeping. Please always place your baby to sleep on his/her back and see the rest of the AAP’s Guidelines on our WHY SWADDLE page.

  • Beta-tested by real parents and babies

How do we know The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ works? We rigorously tested it for over a year with babies and parents. Each week, beta-test parents were given a “blind” (anonymous) online questionnaire to fill out and submit including questions not only related to ease of use of the swaddle, but also total infant sleep time while sleeping in the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™, and safety questions. We took their feedback, critiques, and praises and applied them to our patent pending design. Ten prototypes later, the end result was The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ that you see now. We realized early on that in order to make a swaddle that will live up to our claims, we needed to look no further than real parents and their babies.

  • Easy-access-ZIPPER for nighttime diaper changes

When testing our swaddle with parents, many mentioned other first-generation swaddles, blankets, and sleep bags on the market and the hassle of having to unwrap/un-Velcro™ baby during diaper changes. Oftentimes that results in waking up a sleeping baby. The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ provides a quiet zipper located at the bottom of the sleep bag for quick and easy diaper changes. No more unnecessary unwrapping and waking baby when diaper changes are needed!

  • Easier to use than any other sleep product on the market

One of the key features of The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ is its ease of use. Our parents consistently mention how simple it is to wrap and unwrap their baby even for “first time swaddlers.” Just place your baby in the sleep bag, affix the “wing wrap,” tuck your babies hands in the special closed-in pocket and then swaddle and snuggle your baby.

  • 100% Organic Cotton – no synthetic fibers

We make our swaddles with only 100% organic cotton, like the high quality cotton that our parents and grandparents used. Many popular first-generation sleep swaddles, blankets, and sleep bags use cotton cut with spandex, polyester, micro-fleece, or other synthetic fabrics. Not only are these not natural fabrics, they are not breathable like cotton and babies can easily over-heat in these non-breathable sleep products. Always check the label on any sleep garment you dress your baby in and stick to 100% organic cotton.

  • First-on-the-market infant sleep product made from all-natural non-dyed fabric

When babies are swaddled or placed to sleep in a sleep bag, naturally, they may try to mouth or suck on the fabric. Babies mouth their sleep bag to soothe and settle and go to sleep in the same way that might mouth objects, such as toys, as a way to explore and learn. This is developmentally appropriate behavior and we want to encourage babies to do it. That’s why we are sure to only use non-dyed all-natural fabric. We want to be sure that anything that is near your baby’s mouth doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or lead-based dyes.

  • “Baby Velcro” softest Velcro™ available for baby products

After testing multiple ways for safely and securely holding the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ in place, we happened upon baby Velcro™ a brand-new “soft Velcro™” not yet available in any other infant sleep product. Parents have been thrilled to have this new baby-Velcro™ on the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ and have reported that it doesn’t have a “scratchy surface” like other Velcro™ used in popular infant sleep products.

  • Two-in-one design: Swaddle + Sleep Bag – Saves you money!

No need to buy two different sleep products for babies two different sleep stages

The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ provides parents with two different sleep options for their baby. The first stage of your babies sleep starts from birth to 3-4 months and during this time the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ closed-in swaddle-wing feature will help your newborn to feel more secure and soothed and ensure sleep. The second stage of your babies sleep occurs sometime after 3-4 months and begins when your baby starts to move more in his/her sleep and it is no longer safe to swaddle your baby. Because the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ is a two-stage design, you can easily remove the wing-feature and continue to use the sleep bag feature. Many parents report buying several different stage one infant sleep products, like swaddle blankets or sleep swaddles, only to have to buy several different stage two sleep products, like sleep bags, several months later, with the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™, you will only need to buy one product to get your stage one and stage two infant sleep needs met, and you will be saving money in the long run!

  • Design helps babies transition from swaddle to sleep bag

While swaddling will help your baby to sleep, at some point your baby will no longer need to be swaddled. This typically coincides with your baby rolling to side or tummy or when your baby is between 3-6 months old. Because the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ is a swaddle + sleep bag and encourages the “hands up” sleep position, your baby will be ready to go without the swaddle-feature (the removable wing) and can easily transition to only sleeping in the sleep bag feature. Please read below HOW TO USE OUR HANDS TO HEART SWADDLE™ to find out more.

  • Proudly Made in the USA

We take pride in supporting businesses owned and operated in the United States of America. This makes us feel proud and you too can feel proud knowing that your hard earned dollar is being reinvested in companies located in USA. In the end, we all may pay a tad bit more for this approach but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Recommended by pediatricians and parents