How To Use Our Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™

How to use the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle?

There are two pieces to the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle, the sleep bag and the detachable wing. First, place the wing on the mattress of your babies crib with the strip of Velcro™ facing up. The wing-pocket should look like an arch and NOT like a “U”. Second, place the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ sleep bag, with it’s hoop Velcro™ patch, directly on the strip of hook Velcro™ located on the wing. Be sure that the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ wing is affixed to the back of the sleep bag securely and that the neck-line of sleep bag is just above the top of the wing. Third, unzip the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ and detach Velcro™ at babies left shoulder. Fourth, place your baby into the sleep bag and zip baby up starting from under the armpit and ending at your babies left side. Fifth, place your babies hands/arms into the left and right side pockets of the wing. Place one arm/hand into each pocket. The top arch of the pocket should come OVER the babies shoulders as seen in 0:51-0:58 of the video. Pull babies right wing pocket across babies chest and slightly downward creating a v-neck of sorts. Then pull babies left wing pocket across babies torso, pulling tightly as you do. Affix the Velcro™. Be sure that the wing is snug across your babies torso continuing to pull the wing tighter to ensure that the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ wing is securely wrapped around baby. IMPORTANT: Make sure you have affixed the Velcro™ securely! Rub your hand over the Velcro™ to ensure a solid and smooth connection. Finally, pull the swaddle wing down towards your babies hips so that the top of the swaddle wing is right at your babies shoulder height and not higher. The wing should NEVER cover the babies face or mouth. Now your baby is properly swaddled in the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™.

What Do I Dress My Baby In When Using the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle?
You will want to put a short or long sleeve onesie or pajama on underneath the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ depending upon the climate in which you live and the season or time of year. Also, please be sure to adjust the temperature in the room where your baby sleeps to between 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t put anything on your baby’s head and please be sure to dress baby in 100% cotton sleep garments, onesies, or pajamas.

How Do I Transition My Baby Out of The Swaddle Wing and Only Use the Sleep Bag?
While swaddling will help your baby to sleep, at some point your baby will no longer need to be swaddled. This typically coincides with your baby rolling to side or tummy or when your baby is between 3-6 months old. Because the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ is a swaddle + sleep bag design, when your baby no longer needs to be swaddled, please easily remove the wing-feature from the sleep bag and simply use the sleep bag without the wing. If preferred, you can slowly transition your baby from the swaddle-wing by removing one arm/hand from the wing-pocket and not swaddling. Continue to swaddle the other arm/hand in the wing-pocket. Your baby will have one arm/hand swaddled and one arm/hand not swaddled. You can do this for several nights before removing the wing-feature completely and helping your baby by now encouraging more movement as your baby sleeps. If your baby is rolling to side or tummy, always remove the wing-feature from the sleep bag and only use the sleep bag for sleeping since it is no longer safe to use the wing-feature when baby is rolling. You can continue to use the Hands to Heart sleep bag until your baby no longer needs to be in a sleep bag or grows out of the sleep bag, or whichever comes first.

How Do I Wash and Care For My Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™?
Please follow the care instructions on the label on your Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™: wash warm and tumble dry low. It is recommended that since the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ has Velcro™ that you affix the wing-feature to the sleep-bag-feature before washing and wash together with all Velcro™ placements affixed.