The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™

The Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ is designed to meet your baby’s movement, soothing, and sleeping needs in the first nine months. Created by a nationally recognized pediatric sleep consultant, who recognized the need for a more natural way to swaddle babies, the special closed-in winged pocket design facilitates babies natural hands-to-heart “fetal tuck” sleep position. The non-dyed, 100% organic cotton fabric is breathable, light and safer for your babies skin. The two-in-one design allows parents to easily remove the wing from the sleep bag when baby no longer needs to be swaddled. And nighttime parenting is made easier with an easy access zipper design for diaper changes that won’t disturb your sleeping baby. Swaddling your baby in the Hands to Heart Sleep Swaddle™ ensures that you and your baby get the sleep you both need!